Step One: It begins with you

It begins with you, with your personal taste and requirements. You may need to display a big-screen TV, entertainment center, book collection, computer, fine china – or all of these. Together, we help you develop the perfect solutions.

Step Two: Measure and design

We come to your home or you may bring your measurements and ideas to our beautiful, 10,000-square-foot showroom. See in person our wide selection of fine woods, finishes, details, and configurations. You will be amazed by Woodwork Creation’s quality workmanship. Using our 3-D Visualize system, our Design Specialist will computer design the cabinet of your dreams.

Step Three: Engineering

The computer design for your furniture now goes to engineering. Our skilled professional engineers turn the 3-D Visualize model into manufacturing specifications. They schedule your job to meet your delivery needs.

Step Four: We build it in our cabinet factory

Now to the factory! With the cut-sheet and plan for the new piece of furniture designed by you, our skilled woodworkers cut every board to the exact size and shape necessary and assembly begins! Each piece of wood is sanded, molded, and finished. The final product is truly an impressive piece of work designed by you and produced by Woodwork Creations.

Step Five: Installation

The final step is delivery and installation. Just open your door and we do the rest. Our Installation Specialists will arrive prompty and will be quick and non-intrusive. Because all furniture is finished in our factory, there are no paint fumes or mess in your home. That’s it! Now it’s time for you to enjoy your new, beautiful custom furniture, a pleasure that will last for many, many years.