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We really are the factory!

We really are the factory! We’re not just a fly by night company with one or two employees working out of a garage. (Yes – they are out there! Beware!) When you work with Woodwork Creations, you’re getting an entire team of experts. Engineers...

The experience of ordering kitchen cabinets

I recently read an article about ordering Ikea kitchen cabinets.  Although the author seems to be happy with the result, the entire experience sounded like torture to me. For example, they had to design the kitchen themselves on software the store provided, that ran...

Bedroom wall unit

Built in bedroom cabinets aren’t often the first thought of custom cabinet uses, but they are a beautiful addition.  

Built in home office

The best part of a built in home office is getting to design it exactly how you’d like.  In this example, we’ve featured plenty of space to display trophies, photos and other valuables, some behind glass doors. We’ve included task lighting at the...

TV stands and entertainment centers in Corona

If you’re searching for built in TV stands and entertainment centers in Corona, CA, Woodwork Creations is the one you’re going to love.  We come to your home and measure your space. Then, using a high-tech 3D computer program, we design your TV stand while...

TV Over Fireplace

Thinking of mounting your TV over your fireplace? We’ve got a few ideas, using built in entertainment centers, that you’re going to...

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Our designers are available to meet with you when it’s convenient for you: during the day, weekends or evenings. We can meet you in your home or in our showroom. Let us know what’s best for your schedule.

To schedule your in-home or showroom appointment just call us at 951-657-8257 or complete our “Get a Quote Form”. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our showroom is open Monday - Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

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