I recently read an article about ordering Ikea kitchen cabinets.  Although the author seems to be happy with the result, the entire experience sounded like torture to me.

For example, they had to design the kitchen themselves on software the store provided, that ran in the user’s browser. They described it as a bit buggy… but I wondered if they were really getting the best kitchen design doing it themselves. When we design a kitchen, we put our years of kitchen design to work for you. While we also use a 3D cabinet program to design, we take the burden off of you. Our cabinets are truly custom, which means you aren’t wasting space with useless filler cabinets inserted just so things line up or come to the right dimensions.

Once they had designed their own cabinets, they spent hours at the store enduring in a tedious ordering process, where the harried employee ordered each box, one by one. Then they had them delivered to the house where they described a several hours long process of checking to make sure they had everything.

They also ordered separate door and drawer fronts which they then had to finish themselves. After all that they had to install it all themselves, and still spent nearly $7,000 on the cabinets alone!

Now, imagine a different scenario where we come to your home, measure your space, show you samples and discuss your style. Then, during another appointment, you are shown your new kitchen in a really cool 3D design program where you see it come to life. The cabinets are custom built to your home without the need for wasteful filler cabinets. You get your choice of drawer and door styles, and select from over 40 finishes and stain colors. 6-8 weeks later, we arrive and install your kitchen, usually in about 1 day.

Have you been thinking of a new kitchen but aren’t sure how to get started? We’re here to help. Contact us now and let’s get started on your own kitchen cabinets.